When you are building the home theatre system of your dreams, you want to make sure you have everything necessary to give you the full theatre experience right in your home. The low growl of thunder in a movie or the bass line of a song can both be picked up by subwoofers.

Subwoofers are the speakers that give your sound the rumble needed to make the experience seem more realistic. Just two speakers can enrich the sound that you have. The great thing about speakers are they are not just limited to your home. You can even install them in your car.

Subwoofers are partially responsible for the loud bass you hear rumbling from the car next to you in traffic. They are also responsible for enriching the sounds that you hear in your own music. Without the speakers, you might have trouble picking up lower frequency sounds. This can create a less than perfect experience when you are listening to music or watching movies.

Subwoofers have a longer history than you might realize. The speakers have played a major role in the success of many of the movies. Moviegoers were able to get a more realistic experience just from the addition of subwoofers to theatres.

You are not required to have subwoofers installed in your home or car. But if you like theatre-quality sound, you're a candidate for the home set. If you appreciate rippling bass that you can feel in your bones, subwoofers in your car would be the perfect match.

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